“Customer approach and cash register” training course

You would like to apply for a job as a cashier or clerk, but you have little or no experience?

Feeling intimidated by the idea of operating a cash register?

Sign up for our free Customer approach and cash register trainingto gain confidence and boost your CV !

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*This course is offered in French only. You must understand French well enough to be able to participate in the training.

This one-day (6-hour) course introduces you to the requirements of customer service and cash register operation.

Our training is ideal for students looking for a job during their studies, or for newcomers seeking their first work experience in Quebec.

It is also suitable for anyone who wants to work as a cashier or clerk in the various departments of retail and food stores, and who has little or no experience in this field.

Theoretical and practical training: a gateway to the job market!

This training will open many doors to the job market! What’s more, a certificate of attendance is issued at the end of the day and individual job search support is also offered afterwards to those who wish.

To register, please complete the form below. Enrolment is on an ongoing basis, and courses are run when there are enough people to form a group (approximately once a month).

If you have any questions about this training program, please fill in the form below or contact Serge Cornut at 514 767-9971 ext. 207 or scornut@cjeverdun.org.

Please note that this free training is only open to people aged between 15 and 35 who live in Verdun / Nuns’ Island (postal codes H4G, H4H and H3E). On the day of the training, you will need to provide proof of your residential address within the borough. The CJE Verdun will be obligated to deny access to the training to individuals who fail to provide the requested proof.